Russ Peak’s Rave Reviews

Give your guests the incredible experience they deserve! This is the one they’ll be talking about all year long! Don’t take our word for it. Check out what Russ Peak’s clients have to say:

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"Few times in my life had I the opportunity to work with anyone more cooperative, more charismatic, or more competent than Russ Peak. He has now set impossible standards for other performers with whom we work! If you haven't seen him yet, see him. If you haven't hired him yet, hire him. And if you haven't paid him yet, pay him more because he is undoubtedly worth it!"

Erin E. Smith | Student Event Coordinator
Truman State University

"Russ is a staple of our Welcome Week program for as long as I can remember, and he packs the house year after year and leaves our students with memories for their next 4 years. For me, the best part about his program beyond the content is the ease of working with Russ. He is one of the most professional performers in this business. I give him a date and he works to make everything after that--travel, contracts, etc., easy for me. He is one of the most reliable performers I have ever worked with and cannot recommend him highly enough. And he's just a good dude."

Jen Dress | Director of Student Life
University of Maryland Baltimore County

"Russ Peak was the hit of our annual celebration! He caught their attention and kept our students laughing throughout the entire show. He was very funny and appropriate for our distinguished audience." [br]

Linda Williams | Campus Events Coordinator
Drake University

"I really want to thank you for coming out to our school to perform. I thought that the show was amazing. I also appreciated that it didn't have anything compromising. Everyone I talked to had a delightful time. They had nothing but wonderful things to say about the show."

Amanda Frazier | Artist Representative
California Lutheran University

"Russ kept a crowd of 450 people in stitches as he led some of our students to do the most hilarious things we have ever seen! Not only was his performance superior, but he was flexible with us, and a real pleasure to work with. "

Joy Whittar | Event Coordinator
California State University Monterey Bay

"I'm writing to thank you for the WONDERFUL show you gave our students. I'm so glad my students had the opportunity to see your unique combination of psychic 'wonders' and hypnosis. It was great for me to sit in the audience at your show and hear the audience reactions from students as your show progressed. They were entertained, they were mystified, and they were laughing like crazy!"

Leanne Vincent | Programming Advisor
California State University Northridge

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