With nearly 20 years of experience as a stage hypnotist, Russ has hypnotized subjects in nearly every possible venue – large theaters, banquet rooms, gymnasiums, back yard lawns, restaurants, and more. His experience has taught him that the set-up of a hypnotist show has everything to do with its success.  So here is how to set up your stage hypnotist show in a safe and effective way:

All you need is…



We’ll start with the simple part – Lighting.  Of course we need lights. The audience wants to see the hypnotized subjects do all that wild stuff they’re going to do?  And studies show that people remember and laugh more with full lights on. But to be honest, lighting is one of the areas of least concern. Unless on a formal stage the option is usually off or on. Russ tends to move around a lot during the show and constantly interacting with the audience. Plus, audience members are sometimes hypnotized right where they’re seated. If possible, leave the full house lights on.



You will need to provide an adequate stage or space for your stage hypnotist show. Don’t worry. One of the great things about stage hypnosis is that it can be performed almost anywhere. The two most important things when setting up for the performance are safety and space. Ideally, make sure you have at lease, a 16′ x 28′ space, big enough to fit 20+ chairs across the stage – one row. The bigger the stage area the better. Also, the bigger the stage, the more chairs (and volunteers) that can be included in the hypnosis demonstration. And YES, a school gymnasium will be just fine.

*** A cement or concrete floor as a performing area is NEVER a safe choice.

Here’s a few examples

Riser Stage At University of Maryland

Outdoor Stage At Lane County Fair

High School Hypnotist Stage Show

Yes – A gym floor works GREAT!


  • It is your job to make sure all equipment is good condition.
  • With so many audience participants, we do not want to take a chance of an injury.


Please provide Russ with a sound system that’s equipped with a hand-held WIRELESS microphone. Again, always use a wireless microphone for your hypnotist show. Corded Microphones Are A Hazard. Unsecured cords are a potential hazard for tripping and make it difficult to move around a stage full of volunteers.

Monitor: It is important that the volunteers can hear your hypnotist from where they will be seated in the chairs on the stage. If they can’t hear… they don’t get hypnotized. In the case of a deep stage or a noisy environment like a fair or festival, please use monitor, pointed back toward the volunteers so that may easily hear Russ’ instructions. In any case, remember that good sound is crucial to the success of your program. If your sound system and microphone are not adequate, borrow or rent quality equipment. If you have any questions on whether or not your sound system will work – give us a call.



HYPNOSIS SHOW SAFETY TIP #1: Sweep and Inspect performance area. 

Sweep the stage or floor around performance area and check for nails, rocks, tacks, broken glass, liquid spills, or any other hazards. Hypnotized subjects may slide out of their chairs or end up on the stage area floor. It’s never fun to get poked by a sharp object or wake up covered in dirt from a filthy stage.

HYPNOSIS SHOW SAFETY TIP #2: Remove the podium/tables or other stage hazards. 

If using a podium before or after the performance, please position podium to the far ‘stage’ right of stage or remove completely. If there is an Orchestra Pit in front of your stage, make sure it’s covered.


HYPNOSIS SHOW SAFETY TIP #3: Help the hypnotist keep your volunteers safe. 

Keeping an eye on a large number of hypnotized subjects can be a difficult task.   Plus, if this is a company or school event, you’ll likely know your audience members better than your hypnotist.  If you see someone that is very intoxicated, injured, or might be hazardous to the show come on stage – by all means… intervene!  If possible have someone assigned to stay near the stage to be an extra set of eyes for your hypnotist.

HYPNOSIS SHOW SAFETY TIP #4: Tape down any loose electrical, microphone, and speaker cables. 


The number one reason for accidents on any stage are unsecured cords. So, tip #4 is make sure all extension cords, wires, or cables are taped down to avoid volunteers tripping.   Also, if someone trips over your cable it may damage the cord and/or your expensive sound equipment.

*** Use ‘Gaffers Tape’ over Duct Tape. It’s strong and doesn’t leave the sticky residue. Even Better – Use Zip Ties!


HYPNOSIS SHOW SAFETY TIP #5: Inspect the condition of the chairs.

 Make sure that the chairs that will be used for volunteers are in good condition. As an extra precaution, secure the chairs with Gaffers Tape.  Volunteers often slide out of their chairs.  Taping the chairs as illustrated below will ensure volunteers don’t slide in between chairs, or the chair doesn’t fall on top of them.

For optimal safety, use Gaffers Tape to secure your chairs together.  This will prevent chairs falling over as some hypnotized people tend to slide out of their chairs.

Red arrows show where to place tape on the chairs:

Here’s a view from the back:


Do you have more questions about how to make your upcoming hypnosis show a safe and successful experience? Don’t take chances! Give Russ Peak a call 971.241.3879 and he will help you make your show is SAFE!


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