Russ Peak’s comedy stage hypnotist show is consistently voted the #1 favorite choice of variety entertainment by high schools, colleges and corporations across the nation.  That’s because once your friends are placed into a hypnotic trance – audience participation takes on a whole new meaning! Every show is safe, fun, and 100% Clean & Appropriate for your important guests – Guaranteed!

The audience will always remember when their friends:

• Turn into their favorite celebrities

• Meet visitors from different worlds

• Forget their names

• Lose their belly buttons

• Travel back to their childhood

• Become cheerleaders, savage barbarians, and wild animals

• And take place in the most captivating and hilarious hypnotic experiments ever performed!!




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As one of the most in demand stage hypnotists in the nation, Russ Peak’s comedy hypnosis shows are featured at high schools, universities, grad nights, youth events, and corporate conferences OVER ONE-HUNDRED TIMES each year.  His volunteers are always treated with absolute respect because Russ believes there is no need to humiliate an audience member for a laugh.  Every suggestion will be funny, but never cross the line to inappropriate.  He will never ask a volunteer to do anything that he wouldn’t want done to himself if he was hypnotized in front of his peers. Your audience’s hypnosis experience will never contain any material that is sexual, sexist, racist, profane, or anything that would ever make your most conservative audience member (or parent) raise an eyebrow.

Russ Peak’s Comedy Hypnotist Show is the FUNNIEST show you’ll ever see!

It’s also EASY to present – and designed to fit your budget! All you need is…





When you choose Russ Peak as your hypnotist, you can be sure that your guests and your reputation are in excellent hands hands!  Russ is a skilled master hypnotist who has received top training in every aspect of his field. However, it’s the 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a full-time entertainer that sets him apart from the rest. In that time, Russ has presented his blend of comedy stage hypnosis over 100 times each year, in every sort of venue, and for every sort of audience you can imagine. He is the no-miss choice for quality entertainment and will make your event the one they always remember!

Give us a call today and we guarantee that you’ll see why Russ Peak is recognized as one of the nation’s leading variety entertainers and the favorite choice of meeting planners who expect nothing but the best!


Hypnosis itself is 100% SAFE. However, managing 20+ people, even when they’re not hypnotized, can be a feat. That’s why Russ guarantees that the safety of your guests will always be the #1 priority of your comedy hypnotist show! Russ Peak will guide you through the steps to set up your hypnotist show to ensure the safest and best performance ever! 


 • Communicating with Russ will be EASY. Plus, he will always arrive at least 30-60 minutes before your show to check in, test sound, and inspect the stage area.

• Russ will include a safety portion to his intro talk instructing potential volunteers to get rid of pencils, pens, keys, gum, etc. from their person before coming on stage.

• Injured, pregnant, impaired, or seemingly unstable volunteers are always dismissed from the stage in a respectful manner.

• Every hypnotic suggestion will be  100% Clean & Appropriate for your audience. No dangerous or compromising situations will ever be asked of the volunteers.

• At the end of the show, all volunteers will be wide awake and back to normal, energized and refreshed from the relaxation feeling that comes with being hypnotized.

• Your show will be AMAZING! Russ knows that not every entertainer is right every group. That’s why Russ will discuss the details of your organization, audience, and venue with you before you’re sent the agreement. He would rather refer you elsewhere, than sell a performance that he is not absolutely sure will be the perfect fit!

• Russ Peak always remains fully insured to protect himself and you (his client). At no extra cost, a copy of his insurance can be issued with your event, school, venue, and/or organization as ‘additional insured’ upon request.

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Russ Peak’s Rave Reviews

Give your guests the incredible experience they deserve! This is the one they’ll be talking about all year long! Don’t take our word for it. Check out what Russ Peak’s clients have to say:

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"Few times in my life had I the opportunity to work with anyone more cooperative, more charismatic, or more competent than Russ Peak. He has now set impossible standards for other performers with whom we work! If you haven't seen him yet, see him. If you haven't hired him yet, hire him. And if you haven't paid him yet, pay him more because he is undoubtedly worth it!"

Erin E. Smith | Student Event Coordinator
Truman State University

"Russ is a staple of our Welcome Week program for as long as I can remember, and he packs the house year after year and leaves our students with memories for their next 4 years. For me, the best part about his program beyond the content is the ease of working with Russ. He is one of the most professional performers in this business. I give him a date and he works to make everything after that--travel, contracts, etc., easy for me. He is one of the most reliable performers I have ever worked with and cannot recommend him highly enough. And he's just a good dude."

Jen Dress | Director of Student Life
University of Maryland Baltimore County

"Russ Peak was the hit of our annual celebration! He caught their attention and kept our students laughing throughout the entire show. He was very funny and appropriate for our distinguished audience." [br]

Linda Williams | Campus Events Coordinator
Drake University

"I really want to thank you for coming out to our school to perform. I thought that the show was amazing. I also appreciated that it didn't have anything compromising. Everyone I talked to had a delightful time. They had nothing but wonderful things to say about the show."

Amanda Frazier | Artist Representative
California Lutheran University

"Russ kept a crowd of 450 people in stitches as he led some of our students to do the most hilarious things we have ever seen! Not only was his performance superior, but he was flexible with us, and a real pleasure to work with. "

Joy Whittar | Event Coordinator
California State University Monterey Bay

"I'm writing to thank you for the WONDERFUL show you gave our students. I'm so glad my students had the opportunity to see your unique combination of psychic 'wonders' and hypnosis. It was great for me to sit in the audience at your show and hear the audience reactions from students as your show progressed. They were entertained, they were mystified, and they were laughing like crazy!"

Leanne Vincent | Programming Advisor
California State University Northridge

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